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When it comes to IT applications, quality is not a luxury. Software defects are estimated to cost the global economy more than $100 billion annually. Many companies fail to derive the intended benefits from their application due to poor quality. It’s not just disgruntled customers, but problems with the core features of the tools affect the ability of some companies to ensure regulatory compliance while security issues lead to serious financial implications. It is necessary for all companies to rigorously test their applications before launching them to ensure they prevent the avoidable loss of value.

LinkWell Solutions offers independent testing services to help clients eliminate quality issues and extract the expected value out of their IT systems. Shrinking project cycles force programmers to cut corners, which adversely affects the quality of software applications. Research shows that programmers spend an estimated 50 percent of their time in fixing bugs. By involving in the early stages of development, we nip many software defects in the bud. This results in significant quality improvements and a faster time to market.

LinkWell Solutions QA team has the experience, knowledge and infrastructure/tools capability to perform manual as well as automated testing. Complete QA services are provided for variety of applications. We use tools as well as in-house practices for implementing the above service for the entire life cycle of the application. Its scope includes :

* unit testing,
* integration,
* functionality,
* usability,
* confermance,
* performance,
* reliability and
* security testing.

Our team of QA analysts and engineers engage with the implementation team to plan and execute this service during the 'build and deploy phase' of the application.

Your software need process oriented testing if you have any of the following issues:

* Delivered software frequently fails?
* You are loosing customers due to few hours of software down time?
* Does the consequences of system failure are unacceptable for you, from financial to life threatening scenarios?
* Systems are often not available for the intended purpose?
* System enhancements are often very costly?
* Cost of detecting and removing defects are excessive?
* Do you see re-occurance of fixed issues in future releases?

We can bring your software to achieve more customer satisfaction for your business and will address your internal & external imapct of software issues.

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